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Baby Gifts
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 Gift for new Mom and Dad Pillow $19.99

 Gift for new Grandparents Pillow $19.99

 Baby Blanket in Pink, Blue, or Gray with Monogramed Name

 Hooded Towels - with Monogrammed Name!
Princess, Lion, Duck, Elephant, or Mouse $42.00

 Baby's First Teddy in Pink or Blue  $8.99

 Taggie Blanket with Monogrammed Name  $27.99

 Baby Briefcase  $32.99

 Personalized Kids Stool 57.50

 Baptism Blanket with Monogrammed Name and Date

 Baptism Lamb with Monogrammed Name  $29.99

 Baby Announcement Pillow $65.00

 Birth Announcement Picture Frame  $80.00

 Birth Announcement Plate $80.00