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Featured are only a few of our great gift ideas for babies and children.
Stop in and we'll help you choose the perfect gift.
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Colorful Personalized Bath Items
Tooth Brush Holder $20.00
Tissue Box $32.00
Soap Dispenser $22.00
Personalized Items for Toddlers
Covered Snack Bowl $22.00
Sippy Cup $24.00
Plush Bear $44.00
Monogrammed Wall Hanging
Fabric on Wooden Frame $50.00

Wooden Puzzle Stool
All wood Personalized Puzzle Stools
Availabe in pastel or primary colors  $52.00

Baby blanket

Taggie Blankets  $36.00
Price includes monogram
Kids duffels and bags

Monogrammed Backpacks  $34.50
 or Monogrammed Duffle Bags  $36.50
Many styles available

Cozy Blanket $36.00
Price includes monogram

Baby Announcement Pillow  $65.00
Personalized childrens tableware
Placemats  $22.00
Set of 4  $64.00
Mugs  $24.00
Plates or Bowls  $26.00
Set of 4  $92.00
Sleep sheep
Soothing Sounds for Newborns from Cloud B
Sleep Sheep or Giraffe
Small $27.50  Large $30.50

Cloth Lamb $29.00

Baby Blanket $65.00

Baby Blanket $65.00
Price includes monogram

Birth Announcement Picture Frame

Birth Announcement Plate